Waikato Chiefs

Welcome to the Waikato Chiefs Super Rugby Product Collection, a treasure trove of merchandise tailored for ardent supporters of the Chiefs, one of New Zealand's most revered rugby union franchises. Immerse yourself in the Chiefs' legacy and exhibit your unwavering allegiance with our meticulously curated range of offerings. From official team jerseys, exquisitely designed to capture the essence of the Chiefs, to a diverse selection of fan apparel including hoodies, caps, and more, our collection ensures you proudly don the distinctive red, yellow, and black colours on matchdays or casual occasions. Embrace the spirit of the Waikato Chiefs and commemorate their illustrious journey in the world of rugby union with our product collection, where dedication converges with excellence.
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Rugby Heaven adidas Kids Chiefs Supporters Mini Rugby Kit - www.rugby-heaven.co.uk
Age 4-5Age 2-3Age 5-6Age 3-4Age 18-24m
Rugby Heaven Adidas Chiefs Adults Stadium Parka - www.rugby-heaven.co.uk
Rugby Heaven adidas Chiefs Mens Performance T-Shirt - www.rugby-heaven.co.uk
Rugby Heaven Adidas Chiefs Kids Home Supporters Shorts - www.rugby-heaven.co.uk
Age 7-8Age 9-10Age 11-12Age 13-14Age 15-16
Rugby Heaven Adidas Chiefs Home Mini Kit - www.rugby-heaven.co.uk
Age 18-24mAge 2-3Age 3-4Age 4-5Age 5-6
Rugby Heaven Adidas Chiefs C40 Cap - www.rugby-heaven.co.uk
Rugby Heaven Adidas Chiefs Mens Polo - www.rugby-heaven.co.uk
Rugby Heaven Adidas Chiefs Mens Stadium Parka - www.rugby-heaven.co.uk
Rugby Heaven Adidas Chiefs Kids Home Rugby Shirt - www.rugby-heaven.co.uk
Age 9-10Age 11-12Age 13-14Age 15-16
Adidas Chiefs Mens Home Rugby Shirt