Care Instructions

Body Armour and Headguard Care Instructions


  • Follow manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Pay attention to washing care symbols
  • Hand Wash Only


  • Do not Bleach
  • Do not Tumble Dry
  • Do not Iron
  • Do not Dry Clean
  • Do not put in Washing Machine
  • Do not dry using direct heat. (e.g. Near Radiators, Fire Places, Direct Sunlight)

Take care of your safety equipment and it will take care of you!


Rugby Boot Care Instructions

  • Refer to manufacturer’s guidelines for specific advice on Do’s and Dont’s that are tailored to your specific boot.


Tips & Suggestions

  • Remove dirt with a damp cloth or soft brush.
  • Do not leave dirty boots in a bag for an excessive amount of time. This can lead to stitches rotting and mould forming. This will lead to bad odour which will be extremely tough to remove as well as damaging the build quality of the boots.
  • When the boots have been cleaned, ideally stuff them with newspaper which is highly absorbent. Then leave your boots to dry naturally at room temperature.
  • Do not dry your boots by placing them near radiators or fire places. This leads to the material hardening. Drying boots with heat can cause the boots to become stiff and the adhesives holding the boot together can deteriorate. Stiff boots are far more likely to rip. Drying your boots with heat can also lead to the soleplate warping.
  • Scuffs and marks on your rugby boots are all part and parcel of regular play. You can treat your boots with Dubbin, Creams and Leather Colouring.
  • Ensure laces are untied when not in use. To prevent laces from hardening which leads to them fraying and snapping when tightened.
  • When removing boots untie the laces first. Do not kick them off at the heel.  
  • Pay attention to the specific sole type of your boots.


SG – Soft Ground Boots:Designed specifically for play on soft natural surfaces.

FG – Firm Ground Boots: Designed for firm natural surfaces and synthetic 4G pitches.


By using the wrong type of boot on a given surface you will not only damage your boots but it could also lead to injury to yourself.

If you take care of your boots in the correct way not only will your boots last for longer but they will also be more comfortable to wear and be much more effective when in use.

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